The MIND SET TRAVEL Resource Book for responsible travel

For your responsible, impactful journey

What’s in this Resource Book?

I wrote and compiled this Resource Book for responsible travel in April 2016. It’s full of articles, tips, stories and experiences to help you to travel responsibly.

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It also explains a bit about my own background.

My own video clips shamed me and opened my eyes at the same time.

Watching some clips I had taken in Kenya really changed the way I saw myself and the way I travel.

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Self-discovery is crucial for your responsible travel, even before your journey.

And it is almost inevitable during your trip. My own personal story about what I learned “on the road” gives you a feeling about what it can do for you, too.

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However, for your responsible journey, you need a little bit of theoretical background knowledge as well: Colonialism, Public Relations, Economics…

I know. You want to travel, experience the world and have a great time, so you probably want to skip the theory.

Rather than a theoretical essay though, this part is my very personal confession of confusion. I linked several helpful, fun videos and plenty of resources to help you get some background knowledge.

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Any of these questions will be answered in the book:

On Volunteering

  • Why should or shouldn’t I volunteer?
  • What skills do I need to volunteer?
  • Should I pay for volunteering?
  • How can I find a reputable organization for volunteering?
  • What exactly can I write in an email to a travel expert in order to get more advice?


On experiencing different cultures:

  • How to be respectful and mindful in a different culture (incl. Gandhi’s advice)
  • How to deal with (reverse) culture shock
  • How to get in contact with people – for introverts and extroverts (incl. games)
  • How to travel as a vegetarian / vegan / person with allergies
  • How to stay in contact with newly met friends



What happens when:

  • I get sick?
  • I am robbed?
  • I don’t get along with people?
  • something happens at home?
  • I fall in love abroad?





An entire chapter full of advice for travel planning:

  • Planning vs. Un-Planning
  • The basics of travel planning – the ultimate questions for your preparation
  • How to pay for your travels (through crowdfunding)

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