Wenn du im Ausland krank wirst

sick abroad

Erfahrungen aus Kenia Auf Reisen krank werden nervt. Eigentlich willst du deine Reise genießen und musst auf der Höhe sein. Ich war mehrere Male krank in Kenia und habe eine gewisse Einstellung entwickelt, die es einfacher macht, dass ich schnell wieder gesund werde. Ich folge der Regel: Je früher, desto besser. Wenn ich mich fiebrig […]

9 things people in India did with my baby

travel with a baby to india

Travelling with an infant is different from any other way of travel I did before. Packing gave me some unknown challenges. (How many diapers are enough? How many are too many?) I massively slowed down the itinerary. (We tried to take a break every other day.) And travelling with an infant was probably also the […]

4 reasons why my baby is a more mindful traveller than I am

baby travel mindful

Mindfulness means paying attention to the very moment and living in the absolute present. It means being. It means acceptance, patience and openness. To travel mindfully, I open my mind as wide as possible, curiously letting all impressions in without judging them. At least I try. Here is why my baby is much better at […]