I love

getting to know other cultures deeply, growing through connections with other people and making a real impact.

I believe

that humbleness, awareness and honesty about our priviledges and stereotypes deepens our travel experiences.

I commit to

opening your eyes and helping you travel more responsibly by sharing real life travel experiences.

I want

to create a world where we mutually learn from each other, where many truths are possible and where real exchange helps everyone to become a better person.

What I do

  • I learn, understand & share how cultural dynamics work.
  • I prepare travelers & hosts by changing their perspectives.
  • I share tips and directions & mediate.

About Mind Set Travel

I am

Laura, a writer and freelancer with a background in Cultural, African and Journalism Studies. I came to Kenya as a volunteer, student, intern, visitor and part of a family. It took me long to understand certain circumstances – and I’m still learning. >>>Mind Set Travel is a wrap up of what I learned in all those years. Just less messy.

I know that

Every trip is a journey.

Every encounter is an exchange.

Every foreigner is a possible friend.

Read the full >>> MIND SET TRAVEL Manifesto and my personal story in the Resource Book.

  • What travelling taught me about myself.resource book
  • Why my own video clips shamed me.
  • What’s the philosophy of responsible travel and the point of this website?

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