How I take better travel photos with this one step

There’s a simple secret to better travel photography and videography: Take more photos and videos, even before travelling. It sounds simple and maybe disappointing, but it is true. And I have proof.

A year ago I was given a new camera by a very nice person. It came with a bag and a handbook and I was so happy and overwhelmed that I didn’t use it for three months. I always thought, in order to make full use of all its features, I had to read the handbook first. Which I was too busy to do.

But the only way to get used to a new camera is to take photos with it.

Long time ago I found some truth: Doing comes from doing.

As in:

  • If I have no clue of what to cook, instead of thinking about it, I go to the kitchen and start chopping an onion. And before I know it I have cooked a full meal.
  • When I need to come up with an article, researching won’t do the job. I actually need to open the writing programme and start typing, even if it’s just “I don’t know what to write.” I will write this funny sentence until I actually know what to write and get an article written.
  • And in order to get used to a camera and tune my photography skills, I need to go out and take photos.

To cut the long story short: I still need practice for travel photography in India. So I keep taking photos. At the bottom there are the results from an end-of-summer walk. We did not only say goodbye to summer, but also to my village. It was shortly before we moved from the South to the West of Germany.summer

There is also a video. If you were so kind to support my trip with 9€ or more, you may already have seen it. If not: Go ahead – and thank you so much in advance!

better travel photography 1

better travel photography 6

better travel photography 2

better travel photography 5

better travel photography 4

better travel photography 3


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